Letter to the Editor #2

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SWBAT write a letter to the editor with arguments to support claims with clear reasons and relevant evidence.

Big Idea

What is my opinion?

Select an Editorial

10 minutes

Students select an editorial that they have strong opinions (pro or con).  Buzzle.com is a good source of editorials that are appropriate for junior high students.

These are some of the popular editorials that I have provided this year:

Broken Friendships

Watching TV Causes Obesity

Obesity - a Disease

Consistency - A Path to Success

Is Fast Food Addictive?

Read and Analyze the Editorial

20 minutes

As students read their editorial, individually they completed a SOAPSTone chart.  Some of my struggling classes needed me to review the meaning of the acronym SOAPSTone and a reminder that it is an analytical method to help analyze a text in detail. I reviewed the SOAPSTone PP with them.  We have done this procedure several times in the past. However, this time I had students create the chart on their own paper vs passing out a pre-printed chart.  I did draw a diagram on the board for those that forgot the design.    

Write Letter to the Editor

20 minutes

Students individually respond to the editorial by writing a letter to the editor following guidelines previously discussed in class.

If students do not complete their Rough Draft, they will complete this for homework.  Tomorrow students will give feedback to each other to verify that the Letter to the Editor meets all the criteria.