As Seen on TV: Finishing Up

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SWBAT filter through other people's opinions to develop an opinion of their own.

Big Idea

Being able to decipher fact from opinion is an important life skill.

As Seen on TV: Finishing Up

50 minutes

So yesterday's lesson is continued over and the kids come in ready to begin their research.  I hand out the packets and get them started.  I tell the students that by the end of class today they should have all of their analysis done and should be started on the opinion paragraph.  Whatever they have left to do on their opinion paragraph can be taken home for homework.  

I also take the time to tell them that tomorrow's project involves them writing their OWN product review for any product they choose SO... they have to come up with a product to write about.

Wrapping Up and Next Steps

15 minutes

At the end of class, we do a check in to see who is taking their opinion paragraph home for homework.  There are a few students who don't have their research done.  The ones with computers can finish at home and do their paragraph.  The ones without computers obviously cannot finish research at home so I tell them to just write their paragraph about the ones they did get done and I send them on their way.