Organizing the Closet: Right Side Interactive Notebook Activity

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SWBAT identify the key words necessary to understanding fact and opinion.

Big Idea

Understanding fact and opinion is necessary to identifying bias in texts.

Preparing the Closet: Right Side Foldable

10 minutes

Since my students are having difficulty telling the difference between fact and opinion while reading text, I've decided that today's right side Interactive Student Notebook activity will focus on the key words for each.  

The foldable, which should be prepared first, is just a two door foldable that resembles a closet with two doors.  I used scrap construction paper I found in the copy room because it doesn't matter if the size is uniform here, only the shape.  If you feel better in cutting paper to size, that is acceptable too.  

I have students open to the right side that goes with yesterday's left side activity and hand out their construction paper.  I model how to fold both edges toward the middle and crease them at the edges to form the "closet doors".  Students then apply glue to the entire back of the "closet" and press it on the right side of their notebooks.  

Arranging the Closet: Completing the Foldable

40 minutes

After the foldables are completed and glued into the Interactive Student Notebooks, I hand out the paper with the key words.  I instruct students to cut them all apart.  After they are done cutting, I have them use a marker and label the INSIDE of each door.  One should say Fact and one should say Opinion.  I then tell the students to sort only- DO NOT GLUE- the strips into the doors they think they should go.

I sit back and allow them time to sort.  At this time, it doesn't matter to me if they work alone or with their group.  I don't bring it up because each group will do what they need and they do.  Some work alone and some work together- it's OK either way.

After sorting, I call on volunteers to choose a strip and tell the class which door the strip should go behind.  I ask the class to acknowledge with thumbs up or thumbs down and if the student is incorrect, we go back to the "can you prove it and how" discussion.

After all the strips are sorted, I allow students to glue them into their notebooks and we get ready to move on to the exit ticket.

Closing the Closet Doors: Exit Ticket

15 minutes

The end of this lesson is an exit ticket to judge students' progress and readiness to move on to the application of this concept.  

After all the gluing is done for the foldable, I hand out the exit ticket and hope for the best.