Assessment of Trigonometric Functions as Real Valued Functions

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SWBAT evaluate trigonometric functions when the angle is given in radians and degrees. SWBAT determine distance when given information about the rotation of an angle.

Big Idea

Through a written assessment students will demonstrate their proficiency with special angles in the coordinate plane.


45 minutes

Today students will demonstrate their knowledge of evaluating special angles with both radian and degrees.  The emphasis is on radian measure since we will use this the rest of the year.  This is also important for students as the progress to Calculus.

Since we only have 47 minutes the students are given the test at the start of class.  There will be no review or questions.  Some students will come into class and get a blank unit circle. I have a folder on a bulletin board with blank unit circles.

The assessment is divided into 2 parts. The first page is a quick calculator portion. Problem 1 is the only question that needs a calculator.  This problem is similar to "Is John Guilty".  I did not give students formulas to do this type of problem since the students are better at reasoning through the problem and formulas can sometimes cause students to forget to reason.

The rest of the assessment is determining whether students have the basic knowledge of special angles and evaluating the trigonometric functions. As we progress through the course students will apply this knowledge to problems.