Fractions Word Problems Review

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SWBAT solve word problems that involve fractions.

Big Idea

Time to study up and review fractions!

Do Now

10 minutes

In preparation for the Fractions Unit Exam, students were given a review sheet (Fractions Unit Review Problems).  For the Do Now they will have 10 minutes to review their work and answers with their group.  Then, as a class, we will discuss unanswered questions and clarify any confusion.

Group Work, Day 1

25 minutes

This is a 2 Day Activity.

Day 1

Students will be given the Fraction Word Problems Worksheet.  I will explain to them that they are to work with their groups to complete the problems.  Each student should show their work on the worksheet, but they will discuss the appropriate strategy and steps with their group.  Students have worked on several strategies for solving word problems that I will remind them of.  I will suggest that the questions below will be helpful to them.

  • What is the important information?
  • What are the key words?
  • What is the question asking you for?
  • What algorithm will you use?

It is important to emphasize that each student should understand how to solve the problem, rather than just copy what they group is doing.  I will circulate throughout the groups to ensure that this is happening.

Group Work, Day 2

10 minutes

Day 2

I will assign each group a problem from the worksheet.  They will present the solution to the problem on the board for the class.  Each group will have about 5 minutes to present.  In their presentation they should:

  • Explain their strategy
  • Show the algorithm they used
  • Explain why their answer makes sense

If other students disagree with their work and answer, we will discuss the problem as a class.

Lesson Summary

5 minutes

In preparation for a unit exam, I will answer any last minutes questions, concerns, or confusion regarding the Fractions Unit.

I will ask a few questions to assess students' readiness:

  • How can you determine if your answer is correct?
  • How can you organize your work?
  • What is the difference between the algorithm for multiplying fractions and the algorithm for dividing fractions?