Biographies Assessment

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SWBAT show what they have learned during our biography unit.

Big Idea

Today is assessment day for our biography unit. The students will be able to use the notes they took throughout the unit on our end of unit test.


Biographies Assessment

30 minutes

This is an open note assessment for our biographies unit.  A big part of this unit focused on how to take good notes and the students will now be allowed to use those notes on the assessment.  Allowing students to use their notes on the assessment rewards those students who took good notes (and were able to store them safely) encouraging them to take good notes in the future as well.  It also effectively shows students who may not have taken good notes the importance of note taking (especially when you are told to take good notes because you will be able to use them on the test.)  Hopefully it will motivate them to take better notes in the future.  The text also asks the students about text features and the difference  between a biography and an autobiography.  These answers will not be found in their notes but were taught throughout our unit on biographies.