Biographies: Illustrating Our Autobiographies

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SWBAT put the finishing touches on their autobiographies, including illustrations and a cover as we produce the final product today!

Big Idea

We are in the final publishing stage of our autobiographies. We will be creating our illustrations and covers and then putting the autobiographies together into a book.



15 minutes

Today we will be illustrating and putting the finishing touches on our autobiography books.  To start our lesson out, we will talk about which text features we could include in our illustrations.  I will go through the text features list found for free on HERE with the students and we will decide which features we could include in our illustrations.

Illustrating our Autobiographies

30 minutes

After talking about text features we could include in our illustrations, I will allow them time to create their illustrations and also the front cover.    I will laminate the front and back covers and then bind the covers and the pages using binding combs.

The students can choose to give these autobiographies to a family member as a holiday gift or keep them for themselves.  We have a school wide Christmas sing-a-long tomorrow.  After the sing-a-long, we will wrap the autobiographies for those that choose to give it away as a gift.

Sharing Our Autobiographies

15 minutes

Because we plan to give these autobiographies away as gifts and we need to wrap them tomorrow before we head on winter break, we won't have much time to share them.  I usually like to set aside enough time that the students can each share their work with the class but we just don't have time this year.  So today we will do the next best thing.  

I will have the students partner up.  They can choose their own partners for this activity.  Once they have a partner, each of them will take turns sharing their autobiography with their partner. They will have to be careful not to lose pages since we have not bound the books yet.  :)