Biographies: Bio Cubes Group Activity

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SWBAT complete a short research project on a famous person and share the information learned with a small group.

Big Idea

Today we will be using the "Bio Cube" that we created in the computer lab for a group activity to share the information we learned in our research.


Bio Cube Construction

15 minutes

Yesterday we created a "Bio Cube" template in the computer lab from our short biography research project we have been working on for the last few days.  The "Bio Cube" templates were created using's Bio cube activity found HERE.

Today we are going to construct our bio cubes from our templates and use them for a group activity.

I will show the students how to construct their cubes and then have them put their own cubes together.  

Hint:  Let them know that when they are folding, fold all lines away from the dotted line so that you can see the dotted line on the fold.

Gluing together the last flap is the toughest part so I will walk around and help students with that.  I will also encourage students who finish their own cubes to help anyone that needs some help.

Group Biography Share

15 minutes

I will divide the students into groups of five or six.  I have the desks arranged in tables to help facilitate group work.  Each student in the group will have a job for this activity.  I have included the list of jobs in the resources.

Each person in the group will present their cube to their group.  They will introduce who they chose to research about, and what they found out about that person.  They will each take turns until each person in the group has presented their information.

(I will make sure to emphasize how important it is to listen to each other's information because they will be quizzed on it in the group game.)   :) 

Bio Cube Group Game

30 minutes

Now that the students have each had a turn to present their information to the group, I will have them cover the name of the person with a some Post-It tape.  (It is easy to remove like post-it notes. Post-it notes would work as well if you cut them down to only cover the name.)

The students then each put their "Bio Cubes" into their group's container.  They will each take turns pulling a "Bio Cube" from the container. and rolling it.  They read the information presented on the bio cube and then try to correctly guess which person that information is describing.    If they guess correctly they get two points.  If they make a an incorrect guess they get one point. (This encourages participation instead of "I don't know.")


Wrap Up

10 minutes

At the end of the 30 minutes, I will instruct the groups to tally up the points and congratulate the winner.   I will ask them to discus as a interesting facts they learned today from each other. I will then have the spokesman for each group present those facts to the class.