Biographies: Final Draft of Autobiographies

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SWBAT create their final drafts of their autobiographies which include text features.

Big Idea

We have been working on Autobiographies for the last few days. Today we will create the final draft version of the book.



15 minutes

We are working on autobiographies as part of our biography unit.  We will be publishing these autobiographies and giving them to family members as gifts for the holidays.

To start our lesson out today, I remind the students that even though our autobiographies have gone through a peer edit,  there still could be revisions that need to be done.  As they transfer their rough draft copies to the final draft pages for their autobiographies, I want them to remember that every sentence should start with a capital letter.  Every name of a person, name of a place, or name of a month should start with a capital letter.  Every sentence should end with the proper punctuation.  If they are unsure of spelling, they can always raise their hand and ask me.  I will also remind the students that their autobiography should include 3 or more text features.  They need to make sure those features are present in the final copy of their autobiographies.  

I will remind them that these are gifts and that they should try to do their very best which also means very best handwriting.  

Creating the Final Draft

30 minutes

After I have reminded the students to look for more corrections while transferring their work from the rough draft version to the final version, I will give the students the remainder of the time today to work on the final copy of their autobiographies.  I have included in the resources the page template we used for our final version which has a place for illustrations.