Biographies: Bio Cubes Research Project Continued

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SWBAT Complete a short research project on a famous person.

Big Idea

This is day two of a short biography project using the computer lab.



15 minutes

I always love to have the kids share as much as possible because I feel there are many benefits to sharing.  One of the benefits is that the kids get to learn from each other and not just me all the time.  (That can be very boring. Lol!) Another benefit is that it gets the kids comfortable with speaking in front of each other.  We do it so frequently that by this point in the year (mid year) no one is shy sharing with the class.  I really believe that being comfortable speaking to a group is an important life skill.  

To start our lesson out today, I will have the students think about the research the conducted yesterday.  I will ask them each to share something new they have learned so far about the person they are researching, an interesting fact they have found about the person, or why they chose this person to research.  This shouldn't take very long to have every student share a little something about their project.

Sharing information like this also helps motivate the students with their own projects which we will be working on again today. 

Bio Cube Research Project

30 minutes


Yesterday we started a "Biography Cubes" project.  We started research on a famous person different than the person we completed a biography report on.  We started this project yesterday by beginning to research using  a printout of's Bio Cube Planning Sheet found HERE.

I found that our 30 minutes in the computer lab yesterday was not enough to complete the short research project, so we scheduled an extra time slot in the computer lab today to complete the research phase of this project.

(One student chose to research Santa Claus and I have been a little apprehensive about the information he will find.  Yesterday went surprisingly well.  He was able to find some information without crushing hopes and dreams.  I hope today goes as well.)

I will walk around and assist students having a difficult time finding information and answer any questions that arise.  

Tomorrow we will use the information we have researched to fill in the biography cube.