Persuasive Appeals

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SWBAT identify persuasive appeals used in non-fiction text to validate an author's bias.

Big Idea

Ethos, Logos, Pathos!

Persuasive Appeals

20 minutes

Today we addressed Persuasive Appeals; I explained that writers use these appeals when trying to persuade the readers to their way of thinking.  I tried to get the students to understand these are appeals used in writing, however, they do not identify them specifically but rather incorporate appeals in the application.

 Logos – logical; when you hear the argument it makes sense because it is based upon facts or theories.  For example, when you do science experiments, your final statement is based upon your knowledge and findings in the experiment.

 Ethos – ethical;  is the author credible based upon their knowledge and background; are they an expert in their field.

 Pathos – emotionspath to the heart (emotions);  do emotions arise because of the experiences shared; i.e. ads for Humane Society – tearful with abused dogs and cats.


I began by providing a Persuasive Appeals Reference Sheet for students to glue in their notebooks.  This provided the basic concepts to which students added either examples or images to clarify the appeals as we discussed the terms using the power point..

Tree Map

10 minutes

Students created a tree map in order to categorize persuasive techniques under the persuasive appeals so the relationships of techniques and appeals could easily be viewed.

"America the not so Beautiful"

15 minutes

Students had previously read "America the not so Beautiful" by Andy Rooney. Today students took out this text from their folders to re-read this essay  and marked the text in the margin by identifying persuasive appeals used in this essay.

After students read and marked the text individually, students worked with a partner sharing persuasive appeals examples, the type of persuasive appeals, and reasons for the classification of a specific appeal.  Sometimes persuasive appeals is confusing to the students because of the new terminology, therefore, I encourage students to refer to their notebooks for clarification.