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SWBAT demonstrate use of parallelism when writing phrases and clauses in sentences.

Big Idea

Are words really parallel in writing?

Prior Knowledge

10 minutes

Prompt:  What does it mean to be parallel?

In order to have students draw on their prior knowledge, I had students explain either in words or pictures what it means to be parallel.  Most related it to math in which lines are parallel. This provided a perfect start to explain parallelism in writing.

Practice Parallelism

20 minutes

Using the Parallelism power point as a guide, we discussed what it meant for a sentence to be parallel.  I provided several examples of sentences that were parallel and those that were not.  I have students write an example in their notebook.

Students then completed sentences (screen 6) and shared their responses with the class.  The class discussion focused on whether these completed sentences were indeed parallel.

Recognize Parallelism in Text

15 minutes

As a class we referred to a text previously read,“America the not so Beautiful" by Andy Rooney.  Students individually reread the text.  At the same time, they located and highlighted examples of parallelism in  the text.  

In small groups, students discussed their samples highlighted and explained how each example was parallel - was it using verbs, adjectives, adverbs in a parallel manner.  I walked around the class assisting struggle groups in arriving at their explanations and encouraged them to write some notes for reference when they provided their explanations to the class.

Their groups then decided which examples they would share and explain to the whole class