Rigid Motion and Congruence Unit Quiz

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SWBAT describe the result of a rigid motion and use precise transformations to analyze the symmetry of a polygon. Students will understand the properties of rigid motions and how they are related to the concepts of congruence and symmetry.

Big Idea

Students complete the summative assessment for the unit. Game Day!

Lesson Open

8 minutes

The warm-up prompt for this lesson asks students to describe the transformations that carry a rectangle to itself.  The warm-up follows our Team Warm-up routine.  I choose students at random to write the team's answer on the board.  

I ask the class to look at the drawings each team has made on the board.  This is an opportunity to point out careless errors or omissions that will needlessly cost students points on the quiz.

I display the Agenda and Learning Targets for the lesson.  Today is the unit quiz.

Unit Quiz

40 minutes

I display the slide as I give instructions, then give students a few minutes to get ready before I administer the unit quiz.

Lesson Close and Homework

5 minutes

The lesson close follows our Individual Size-Up Routine.  The prompt asks students how they thought they did on the quiz and what was the most difficult part?  I use their responses to see how students are feeling at the end of the unit.


I normally like to assign review problems for homework following a quiz.  Since this unit ran right up to Thanksgiving Break, I assigned no homework.  There are some extra problems at the end of Rigid Motions and Congruence Homework Set 2 that could be assigned.  Problem #18 previews the proofs of the Corresponding Angles and Alternate Interior Angles Theorems that begin the next unit.