Publishing for the World

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SWBAT use technology to produce and publish writing as well as to interact and collaborate with others.

Big Idea

Students will create a new document and use the bold and center features of a word processing program.

Do Now

20 minutes

Students have written their drafts and it is time to type them up. We have a computer lab with enough laptops for each student. It also has a projector and SmartBoard. I’d created an account on Google Drive for the class. Using this online environment allows me access to student work from my computer. Each student has their own folder to store their work. It makes it easier to keep track of individual documents.

I told students they were going to type their work on the computer so that it looked nice and professional. They were so excited! I’d connected my computer to the projector, so they were able to see my screen. I showed them how to log into Google Drive and create and name a new document. I modeled typing my report. I also showed them how to bold and center the heading. I didn’t expect them to remember the bold and center features right away, but I knew they would remember it needed to be done when they finished typing and ask me how to do it again.

Independent Practice

90 minutes

Students were expected to help each other. I identified a few proficient students and asked if they would mind helping their classmates. They were happy to do so. Once other students became proficient, they would help others. If a student asked me how to do something, I would direct them to a student who could help. This freed me up to help students log in, restart the computer, and take care of other technology issues. It took students two days (45 minutes each day) to complete this assignment. 


10 minutes

Students were assessed via a checklist. I was looking for whether or not they had completed typing their work and bolded and centered the title. I wanted to be sure they knew how to use these basic features of a word processing program, as they are standard when producing a typed document.


5 minutes

At the end of the lesson, we did a gallery walk. Students walked around and viewed each other’s writing. This gave them an idea of what it is to share their writing with others. Students also gave each other feedback. This was not the expectation, but it happened spontaneously. As a result, some students edited their writing on the spot.