Trig Review Football!

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SWBAT review concepts learned in a "Football Style" review game!

Big Idea

Down... Set... Sine, Cosine... HIKE!

Teams and Rules

5 minutes


1)     Divide the class into two teams.

  1. Boys vs Girls is often fun, because if the girls take the lead then the boys are ultra-competitive because it’s “football” :)
  2. You can also divide teams using popsicle sticks, or just by numbering students off

2)     Although teams can work collaboratively, all players must write down and complete all problems. 

3)     The teacher presents one problem at a time.  Both teams then attempt to collaborate and solve the problem.

4)     After allowing time for collaboration, the teacher calls on one student from each team for the answer.  If this student has the correct answer with all work, then their team gets to pick from the Math Football Plays hat. 

  1. Inside the hat are results that will move the team forward or backwards on the football field.
  2. I project the Math Football Field on my whiteboard and use magnetic football helmets to indicate each team’s position.
  3. Both teams are always on offense.  There is no defense, no loss of downs, and each time the team starts on the 20 yard line until they score. 
  4. After a score, the team is awarded 6 points and has two options:

   i.     Extra Point:  I have constructed goal posts out of PVC pipe in my class room (see: Goal Posts) the player who scored the touchdown has the option to kick a paper football through the uprights for one point


   ii.    Two Point Conversion:  The team can opt to try for a two point conversion problem (high level of difficulty).  Both teams attempt to solve the problem, even though the only team that can receive the points is the team who scored. 


After the score, the team returns their marker to the 20 yard line and starts another drive. 

Game Time!

35 minutes

As I describe in my Game Time! video, this lesson really engages student participation. I've also included some Trig Unit Test Review Problems for you to use or add to your own set.

The "Post-Game Show"

5 minutes

At the end of the game, I like to give the students the opportunity to ask any clarifying questions over the problems that they saw during the game.  Usually I get no more than one or two questions, but either way I like to close by asking the students to list at the board the top 3 most difficult concepts from the unit we were reviewing.  Poll Everywhere is also a great site for gathering student feedback, instead of constructing the responses at the whiteboard.  

Good luck, and happy reviewing!

Note:  I remind the students as they head out the door to bring their iPad to class tomorrow because they will be allowed to use it on one portion of the test.  If the students forget their iPad, however, I do send them back to their locker to get it - and we begin the test without them.  (The funny thing about 1-1 technology, however, is that the students NEVER forget it.)