Is Summer Break Necessary?

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SWBAT analyze informational text for the development of ideas and use of tone, and support their claims with evidence.

Big Idea

Fact or Opinion?

Anticipation Guide

10 minutes

Students individually completed the Anticipation Guide by agreeing/disagreeing with the statements about Year Round School and provided a valid explanation.  In small groups, students discussed their explanations followed by a whole class discussion sharing their opinions.

After sharing in small groups, most of the class felt secure enough to share their thoughts with the whole class.  This provided a segue into the text that students would be reading and analyzing.

Read "Is Summer Break Necessary?"

20 minutes

I passed out the text students would be reading and analyzing using SOAPSTone, "Is Summer Break Necessary?"

Students number the paragraphs in the text (see Reflection). 

We quickly reviewed the difference between fact and opinion.  As students independently read the text, students highlighted facts and opinions.  They marked the text in the margins, notating if it was specifically a fact or an opinion.

 After students read this text, as a whole class we discussed the author’s arguments.  Were the arguments based on fact or opinion?  Which makes for a stronger argument?


20 minutes

Since this is only the second time students are analyzing text using SOAPSTone, I reviewed the details involved in analyzing text using SOAPStone by using the power point.  

I passed out a copy of the basic SOAPSTone chart, and students then worked with a partner to complete the analysis of this chart.  Afterward, small groups compared the details of their analysis.  I encourage students to discuss the details and add or change information as the discussion progresses.  This is especially important for struggling students so that they are more aware of meanings and interpretations as they read.  In the small groups, the students decide what details they would like to share with the whole class.

As a whole class, we share information so that students are aware of other students understanding of the text.  Again, students can add details to their analysis.  This is one reason why numbering the paragraphs is important - students are easily able to locate references.

Thesis Statement

10 minutes

We referred to the notes students took the other day about writing a thesis statement.   Individually, students wrote a thesis statement explaining the author’s opinion about year-round schooling.


Thesis formula:

The author  wrote  ____“Title”_____  to convince _____ audience_____ that _____belief_____.


As closure, students shared their thesis statement in their small groups.  They saved these thesis statements in their writing folders to be used at a future date.