Plural Nouns - Y

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SWBAT form and use regular plural nouns that end in -y.

Big Idea

Students learn the rule for changing nouns that end in -y into their plural form.

Do Now

15 minutes

I reminded students that plural nouns do not always take an –s or –es ending. Some nouns take on special rules. Nouns that end in ‘y’ is such a noun. I showed students the PowerPoint presentation on plural nouns, focusing on the y rule. I gave several examples by writing nouns on the board, explicitly crossing out the y, changing it to i and adding es. This really helped my visual learners see the change. 


For guided practice, I wrote a few more examples on the board and guided students in changing the noun from the singular to the plural form.


Independent Practice

20 minutes

I provided independent practice in learning centers. I wanted to move away from worksheets, so students used iPads to play online games that focused on the spelling rule. I sought games that were interactive, explained the rule, offered positive feedback and hints, and gave the correct answer after several tries. One such game was found here.


5 minutes

I assessed students on the number of correct responses on the online game. If they had at least 80% correct, they were able to move on to another game. If not, they had to play it again. This gave them additional practice with the rule.