Publishing: Using a Computer to Edit

Print Lesson


SWBAT to use their paper copy of their draft with handwritten editing marks to make editing changes to their typed drafts.

Big Idea

Students learn that typed drafts can be edited on computer as well as on the hard copy.


15 minutes

This is one of the last lessons in the unit where students return to their typed stories and revise them based on the editing they did on the printed copies. 

The Common Core standards refer to students being able to use technology, a computer, to publish their writing. Students who do not have a lot of experience typing a story on a computer are not very aware of the typos they make as they type in words. They do not edit in the moment and when they are done, they forget to reread to correct mistakes. 

In this lesson, I teach students to return to their previously typed stories and make specific changes based on the editing marks they wrote on a hard copy of the story. 

Surprisingly, when I told the class that they were going to edit their stories on the computer, more than a few frantically asked me if that meant that they have to retype their stories. They didn't realize that they can actually change just one word or add a period or common. 


30 minutes

Students sat at computers and were instructed to log in but not open their documents. I then taught them how to find their document on the school server. Some students have usb drives that they also need some direction to open and find their document.

Once they have their document open, I show them how to find a word that they need to change, select that word and either replace it by typing or use a tool in the program to correct or find other suggestions. I also show them how to put in punctuation. Some students needed to know how to add quotation marks or exclamation points. 

Students who were finished early, could create a title page with some of the font tools.

And always, save often.

When students were done, they saved and I checked their typed stories to make sure there were no major issues with formatting, then I printed their stories for them.