Business Letter

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SWBAT effectively express claims in a coherent manner to a business using pertinent facts, details, and examples in a business letter format about a product with which they are dissatisfied.

Big Idea

Why in the world did I buy this?

Quick Write

15 minutes

Quick write:  Did you ever purchase a product that you were excited about and then after getting it home realize it was a great disappointment.  Explain what the product was, what did you expect, how were you disappointed, and what did you do about it?

Students responded to this quick write by writing continuously for 8 minutes.

Afterward, there was a whole group discussion to share responses.

Business Letter Sample

15 minutes

I passed out a sample business letter for students to glue in their notebooks to keep as reference.  We discussed the difference between friendly and business letters – block format, inside address, colon in the salutation, formality of the letter.

Business Letter

60 minutes

Students wrote a business letter to the business  referred to in their quick write.  They explained their dissatisfaction with the product, what persuasive techniques were used to persuade them to make the original purchase, and what they expected the company to do.  This letter was taken through the complete writing process:  rough draft, revision, editing, final copy.

The students worked on this writing assignment the rest of the period and completed the final copy for homework.