Analytical Writing

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SWBAT write an analytical paragraph by evaluating specific claims in a print ad and assessing the relevance to support the claim.

Big Idea

What is this ad really saying?

Select an Ad

10 minutes

Students peruse their magazines that they have used in the past and locate an ad that appeals to them.  They do this search with the knowledge that they will be writing an analytical paragraph referring to persuasive techniques, claims, and elements of print.


Model Analytical Paragraph

20 minutes

Before students began their analytical writing, I used the Analytical Writing Power Point to model my thought process as I gathered my ideas.

I began with Why do I analyze? and How do I analyze an ad? (screen 2)

We then discussed details that would be important to address in the analysis (screen 3).

Then I showed the Campbell’s Soup ad that I had chosen to analyze.  I demonstrated how I took notes about details in the ad that I thought I would include in my writing (screen 4).

Screen 5 provided a guideline to details to include in their analysis.  Screen 6 and 7 is a model paragraph created from information discussed.

Analytical Paragraph - Pre-Writing

15 minutes

Referring to the selected ad, students began taking notes about their ad as previously modeled.

Analytical Paragraph - Rough Draft

20 minutes

Using the details gathered, students began writing a rough draft of their Analytical Paragraph.  I had the model paragraph on the front board so that students could easily refer to the sample.


Peer Feedback

15 minutes

In small groups, students shared their analysis, providing suggestions about how to be more specific in their writing.