Rhetorical Analysis of Pop Music Day 3: Group Presentations

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SWBAT explain a song writer's use of language devices and music devices for developing their central ideas, purpose, and tone for a specific audience.

Big Idea

Pop music writers use a variety of rhetorical tools in creating catchy songs.


Group Preparation and Presentations

70 minutes

Students did not quite finish putting their presentations together yesterday, so I will give the groups fifteen to twenty minutes today before we start presentations.  The presentations will be done in a similar format to what I modeled; we will listen to the song as a class and read along with the lyrics (which will be projected on the Smartboard—while I could find them on-line, I will use the document camera instead so we can view the lyrics with highlights the groups made as part of their analysis; I think it is important for students to see some of the process, and groups will also be able to refer to their findings and practice using the Smartboard to enhance presentations).

As with other presentations based on new learning and that aren’t being summatively assessed, I will use the presentations to help reinforce concepts.  As the groups do their presentations, I will ask probing questions to deepen their understanding and reinforce how they should be looking at the small details (they know that I will do this—telling them this at the beginning of their work helps focus them, since they want to be prepared for my questions, or avoid them by hitting on the topics, first!   However, I treat this more like the group leading a discussion, so my probing questions are more often for the whole class, and I also tend to add information to the discussion for modeling purposes).  

Next Steps:  We will likely not finish these today—presentations of pop music always seem to take longer, because the discussions go on tangents regarding pop music (often because of me; I love analyzing pop culture, and engaging students in academic conversations about their music is a great way to bond with the class, and also show how the analytical tools they learn in English class are not just for classic literature), so we will finish these tomorrow.