Rhetorical Analysis of Pop Music Day 2: Group Analysis

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SWBAT analyze a song writer's use of language devices and music devices for developing their central ideas, purpose, and tone for a specific audience.

Big Idea

Pop music writers use a variety of rhetorical tools in creating catchy songs.


Group Analysis of Pop Song

70 minutes

I will let students form their own groups, and their first task will be to share the lyrics they brought in and decide on one to work with.  The only suggestion I will provide for this process is to pick lyrics that aren’t too long, since they can get a bit arduous to analyze.  Once they’ve decided on a song, they will then listen to the song (they will be thrilled to be allowed to use their phones today!) and begin the process of analyzing the song based on this assignment sheet Music Analysis.docx.   I will circulate and help them as they go along—I will also tell them that this is the only day they will work on their presentations—that the actual presentation to the class will be tomorrow.  This should provide some urgency for the task at hand (though I am going in understanding that tangents, including talking about music, will be part of the process--they are doing an analysis of pop music three days before the holiday vacation!  I will also participate in these conversations; it is a nice way to bond with the students on their terms, and also show them that I am familiar with pop culture, too).

My expectation is that the students will need a few minutes tomorrow to get things together (though I won't tell them that until the end!).  Also, from my circulating and talking with the group, I'll get a sense of what their presentations will be like, and what kind of additional instruction I will provide as they do their presentations, since these presentations are really a way to reinforce these analysis concepts rather than a summative assessment.

Next steps:  Tomorrow groups will present their findings to the class.