Target Audience

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SWBAT identify the relevance between individuals and ideas in a text and deciding if the specific claims in an ad is sound and relevant to the audience.

Big Idea

Who will be persuaded by these claims?

Target Audience

20 minutes

As a class, we arrived at the definition of “ Target Audience” – a group of people that a product would appeal.

 We listed possible target audiences and details that would be appealing to this audience.

For example:  children, teenage girls, teenage boys, athletes, parents, etc.

Target Audience Worksheet

20 minutes

Students individually completed #1 on Target Audience WS  (located in the Scholastic Website) - How would you, as a member of a target audience, be described?

This was followed by students sharing their descriptions as a whole class.  I could be a middle-aged woman who enjoys reading suspense novels, watching reality TV, and knowing about current events.

With a partner, students completed the “Target Audience Practice” which gave students more practice in creatively identifying Target Audiences.

Magazine Search

15 minutes

Returning to the front of the worksheet, students searched their magazine to locate an ad they would like to analyze.  After completing this activity, students shared their findings in a small group (3 – 4 students).

Within their groups, it was especially important for students to explain the details that made them identify the target audience - What part of the ad appealed to this demographic?  The group discussion addressed whether these details were relevant and sufficient to relate to the target audience.  This discussion encouraged students to rigorously evaluate their arguments and logical deductions.