Animal Rights

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SWBAT gather relevant information from provided sources.

Big Idea

Using the FINDS research process, students will gather relevant information from multiple sources.

Launching Activity

20 minutes

     This lessons is a culminating activity which reviews and applies all five steps of the FINDS research process introduced in previous lessons.  Click on each step below to see the  link to lessons that students have been taught prior to this culminating activity.  They are prerequisites to this activity.

   As I mentioned in our previous lessons of the FINDS Research process, students need guidance implementing this process each step of the way due to its complexity.  FINDS is an acronym describing its five step research process:

  1. Focus
  2. Investigate
  3. Note
  4. Develop
  5. Score

It is based on the Stripling Model of Inquiry (see source). For this lesson, we will discuss the secibd step:  Investigate Resources.  I use my Promethean Flipchart to introduce the FINDS five step process, discuss our goal and rubric, and listed what we already know about the research process from our past experiences.  Common Core is about deepening knowledge through shared research.   As a culminating activity, we review the five steps as displayed on my Promethean Flipchart  (See source).

I distribute a summary of this research process (see source and link) for students to review and discuss.  Our media specilasit created a pocket chart of the FINDS process for students to use to guide them in this process.

Resource:  Broward County School Literacy Department, Michele Rivera, Director; Lynn Oakvik, Supervisor library Media; Ann Rees, Media Specialist

Supporting a Claim

20 minutes

    Now that we are clear on the FINDS research steps and Persuasive Techniques, we add a focus to our project.  Our focus will be to find evidence from text and digital sources that support our claim.  Students are divided into two cooperative groups:  Based on the novel Shiloh, students are assigned into one of two claims:

  1. Support Marty's claim to keep the dog, Shiloh, because of his suspicions that Shiloh is being abused by Judd.
  2. Support Judd's claim to return Shiloh to its owner.  Judd is Shiloh's owner.

Student research will focus on one of those two claims, using persuasive techniques introduced in my flip chart earlier.


Persuasive Techniques

20 minutes

     In this section, I introduce persuasive techniques using my Promethean Flipchart (see source).  I explain to students that we will focus on a claim and look for evidence to support that claim using Persuasive Writing techniques we learned in an earlier unit.