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SWBAT demonstrate and explain the function of prepositions in sentences to signal differing relationships among ideas.

Big Idea

Prepositions - Boring but Important!

Review of Prepositions

10 minutes

To review prepositions with the class, I used the Preposition Power Point for a variety of aspects. The basic information about prepositions can be viewed on screens #1 - 8.  

I also provided students a copy of common prepositions to glue in their notebooks for future reference.  This is important especially for out-of-class work - projects, homework, revision strategies.

Compound Prepositions

5 minutes

(Screens 9 and 10)  As a class we reviewed the term "compound"  which led to a discussion of compound prepositions (Screens 9 and 10).

Students copied the list of compound prepositions in their notebooks for future reference.

Prepositional Phrases

5 minutes

(Screens 11 – 16)  We discussed how prepositions cannot be used alone, must have an object.  The phrase includes all the words between the preposition and the object.

"Pledge of Allegiance"

10 minutes

(Screen 17)  As the screen with the “Pledge of Allegiance” was displayed, students were asked to identify as many prepositional phrases as possible. After students jotted the phrases down on a paper, as a whole class we shared.  As we shared students' eyes lit up as they realized the numerous phrases that composed "The Pledge of Allegiance."

Where Do Prepositional Phrases Occur?

10 minutes

(Screens 18 – 19)  We had a discussion of where prepositional phrases can occur in a sentence and how it offers students an opportunity to elaborate not using short, choppy sentences.

 Important to recognize the “job” of the word in a sentence – is it a preposition (would have an object) or an adverb?


20 minutes

(screens 20 – 24)

The first activity was just practice in identifying prepositional phrases.

The next activity was viewing “Longest Sentences” that could be created using prepositional phrases.  After viewing a couple examples, students created their own “Longest Sentence.” 

Students shared and compared the lengths.  We also discussed that moderation is needed in using prepositional phrases as with other techniques.


"From Ramps to Riches"

15 minutes

Students had previously read the article, “From Ramps to Riches.”  After reviewing prepositions, students individually referred back to this article and highlighted prepositional phrases.  Through class discussion, this information was shared as a whole class.

 This activity could be done with any previously read text.

Extension Activity

5 minutes

Outside of class, students were to create a prepositional phrase poster that included the following:

-          Definition of a preposition

-          Explanation of how you identify a prepositional phrase

-          Pictures of you in relationship to a prepositional phrase.  This can be real pictures, hand-

    drawn, or a combination.

-          Under the picture only write the prepositional phrase.

-          Only use a preposition once – no duplications