Persuasive Claims

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SWBAT identify and interpret persuasive claims used in persuasive text.

Big Idea

What is being implied?

Activating Prior Knowledge

15 minutes

In order to activate Prior Knowledge, students wrote a response to the following prompt.

Prompt:  Have you ever purchased a product and then felt disappointed?  Identify the product and explain why you were dissatisfied.

 After students wrote a response to this prompt, as a whole class, students took turns sharing their experiences of being misled.  The majority of students have made or wanted to make a purchase which turned out to be a disappointment. 

Through a discussion, students did recognize words or pictures that enticed them to make or consider this purchase.  Most felt they were being lied to, but the discussion helped them realize it is persuasive claims being used.

Introducing Persuasive Claims

30 minutes

Prior to explaining Persuasive Claims, I provided a Persuasive Claims Reference Sheet for students to glue into their notebooks.

Using Persuasive Claims Power Point as a guide, I introduced Persuasive Claims terminology along with authentic examples.  While this instruction took place, students interacted through whole class discussion of sample claims, identifying criteria located within the ads.  In addition to the notes provided in the reference sheet, students were encouraged to add their own details/examples to assist in clarifying the differentiation of claims.  We discussed and viewed examples of the four claims: weasel words, unfinished claim, unique claim, and rhetorical claim.  

Magazine Ads

20 minutes

With partners, students located magazine ads that were appealing and identified persuasive claims used in the ads.  With this information, they completed the Advertising Claims Worksheet. 

The magazines were brought in by students, or I had extra magazines in the classroom.


10 minutes

Students responded to the following:


Choose the most effective ad from those that you selected in the Advertising Claims Worksheet.  Explain what type of claim was used and how it would grab the attention of the audience.