Trig Tidbits Unit Test

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SWBAT demonstrate their learning on a unit assessment.

Big Idea

Twice the fun! Assessment in two parts; one with technology, one without.

Test Protocol

1 minutes

Although my students are encouraged to use use their iPads for homework assignments, in class activities and many other applications, I do not allow them to be used during tests.  This is an element of my classroom management that I have wrestled with over the past two years.  Although I want to make sure that my students are prepared with 21st Century tools, and I do not want to hide these things from them,  I also want to ensure that they can function in an environment with the absence of technology.  I am very open with them in my explanation about this.  I avoid telling the class that I do not let them use the technology for fear that they will cheat (although that might be a very small part of it)... Hitting the kids with this argument does nothing more that show a lack of trust in them; which can kill a classroom culture built on trust, respect, and responsibility.  Instead, I refer the students to SAT, ACT, PARCC and other standardized tests where the use of iPads and smart phones are strictly prohibited.    

NOTE:  On many tests, I will include a separate technology component where the professional use of iPad's is permitted.  This Trig Unit Test does contain one question of this nature.  I choose to circulate it last, that is, after the students have handed in the first section of the exam.  This helps me keep track of who is allowed to be on an iPad, and who is not.  


43 minutes
Trig Unit Test - Part A.pdf page 1
Trig Unit Test - Part A.pdf page 2
Trig Unit Test - Part A.pdf page 3

Test Part B: Graphing Calculator/iPad OK

15 minutes
Trig Unit Test - Part B.pdf page 1

Post-Test Meetings

1 minutes