Summative Assessemnt: How it Feels to Be Colored Me

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SWBAT cite strong and thorough textual evidence to support analysis of what the author's experience was by answering an open response question and comprehension questions for the essay How it Feels to be Colored Me.

Big Idea

Putting it all together by demonstrating their understanding of the memoir by writing a short text.


20 minutes

Memoir Puzzle Assessment

I tell my students that their activator will also be part of the Summative Assessment grade for How it Feels to Be Colored Me and as required in SL.9-10.1, all students will work with a peer in collaborative discussions exchanging thoughts and ideas on which pieces of the memoir puzzle fit together. 

As seen on the video clips that I included as a resource, students are given statements about the essay and need to discuss and come to an agreement on which question, that is typed in bold, is the best match for one of the statement.  For example, a strip of paper with an answer can read: "How does Hurston feel about her race" could be matched with the quote, "But I am not tragically colored."

During this cooperative learning activity I circulate among the students checking for understanding while asking questions that will prompt them to think of the correct answer.

Building Knowledege

10 minutes

Using a docucamera, as in past lessons that included writing an open response answer, I first review the use of the P.E.E. Open Response Template.  I explain that this template will assist them in organizing their thoughts and cite evidence in the text as required by standard RL.9-10.1, before writing their answer the the open response prompt.

I next hand out the open response question or prompt and rubric as I project it on a screen while reading it aloud.  I then ask students to underline the verb(s) that tell them what they need to do to answer the prompt. I ask them to next read what is necessary for them to receive a score of 4 on the open response and repeat this process for a 3, 2, 1, and 0.  I then ask my students what score they would receive if their response was: "a mostly clear, complete, and an accurate explanation of some of the metaphors used to describe the contents of the “brown paper bag.”

Using the Cold Call strategy, I call on studetns while I repeat this questioning with descriptions of the other possible scores on the rubric.


Student Learning Activity

40 minutes

The remainder of the class time is spent on students reading their excerpt and writing their open response answers. Students are given paper and the PEE Template and will maintain a testing environment.  I circulate among students to keep them focused on task.

Most students will need the whole 45 minutes to completed a well written open response but some may finish earlier.  Students who finish before the allotted time are given the option of reading quietly or completing uncompleted assignments that can be found in their folders.

Wrap Up

5 minutes

1 Point - 1 Excerpt - 1 Explaination

As a quick wrap up I want a sampling of studetns to share a part of thier open response by stating one point, an excerpt to support the point, and a quick explaination of why it supports the point being made.