Nelson Mandela Words of Wisdom

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SWBAT evaluate quotes by Nelson Mandela.

Big Idea

Students will examine quotes by Nelson Mandela to evaluate his words of wisdom.


1 minutes

Words of Wisdom

50 minutes

I explain to students that we are continuing our examination of the life of Nelson Mandela by examining his words of wisdom through famous quotes (see attached Powerpoint).  I explain that a quote is someone's exact words.  I believe examining quotes of Nelson Mandela will help us to better understand the man. 


9 minutes

To close the lesson, I ask students to write one word they feel best describes Nelson Mandela and post it on an anchor chart.  After all students have posted their adjective on the anchor chart, I read some of the descriptive words students used to describe Mandela and ask them to explain why they selected those words.  Some of the words students used to describe him include - brave, committed, and smart.  They said he was brave to have fought to end apartheid and stayed in prison for 27 years, committed to work to end apartheid for so many years, and smart to get so many other people to help him.

Homework - Students are to select one quote of Nelson Mandela and write a journal entry about what the quote means and why this quote is important to them.