The Dress Code Debate Research Preparation

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SWBAT complete a research and reader response log in order to prepare for a debate about student dress codes.

Big Idea

Students will conduct research and complete a reader response log in preparation for a debate about student dress codes.


1 minutes


4 minutes

I begin the lesson by explaining to students this is Day 1 of a two day lesson on The Dress Code Debate.  I ask them the guiding question - Should students have the right to wear what they want to school? and I ask them to take a few minutes to just write what they believe in response to the guiding question. I allow them to share their thoughts during Think-Pair-Share and then as a whole group.

Research and Reader Response Log

50 minutes

I explain to students that the remaining portion of the class period will be used to allow them to independently read the Scholastic News article, "Fashion Police," conduct research on the computer, and complete the Research and Reader Response Log in preparation for tomorrow's Dress Code Debate.  I used the Research and Reader Response Log in order to facilitate students' critical thinking about essential questions which will be used in the debate on tomorrow.  Reader Response Logs are an effective way to engage students and get them to respond to the text and gain insights and interact with the text in a structured, meaningful way.


5 minutes

I inform students that if they did not finish researching and completing the Research and Reader Response Log, it should be completed for homework.  I, then, take a few minutes to divide the class into "For" and "Against" and "Evaluator" teams in preparation for tomorrow's debate.    

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