Fractions Unit Project

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SWBAT use their knowledge of fractions to complete a project.

Big Idea

Students cook with fractions.

Directions for the Teacher

5 minutes

This project has been revised from various projects found online.

The project can be worked on in class, at home, or both.  I would suggest that students are given 2 - 3 days to work on the project in class so you can answer any questions and concerns that they may have.

I allow students to work with a partner for the project, should they choose to do so.  

Read the directions aloud to students, stopping after each section to answer questions. I suggest to students that they use a highlighter to focus on the important information, such as " You are cooking and catering 2 exciting parties!"  I try not to go in depth about the math calculations, because at this point in the unit students should use their knowledge and work in prior lessons to help them.

If students are allowed to work in class, each day should have a plan and a goal for students to reach.

Day 1 - Read directions and answer students' questions.  Students choose a partner and decide which events they're working on.  Students will be given laptops to start finding recipes that they may want to use.

Day 2 - Students should finish choosing their recipes and begin discussing the math necessary to make the adjustments.

Day 3 - Students should begin/continue their calculations.

Students should complete the project at home.

Project Directions

35 minutes

Although many students work with a partner, give each student a copy of the 6th Grade Math Fraction Project Directions  Students should have the entire period to work on the project.  As students work, I will circulate throughout the classroom monitoring and answering any questions.

Students enjoy this type of project because it gives them an opportunity to be creative.  They also like all of the choices that they are given: what type of recipes, the type of party, a food theme, …  With this project students were able to use their math skills and relate it to something fun and realistic.