Let's Argue

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SWBAT find two sources to support their argument and decide upon a relevant claim.

Big Idea

After current event research, students choose an argument claim to pursue.

Complete Research

30 minutes

Kids use the first part of today's block to complete their research. See this lesson for procedures and forms. I give kids about thirty minutes to complete their research. Some ask if they can pursue a new topic. I usually say this is okay and hand them a fresh topic chooser research form. Sometimes it takes some time away from the classroom in order for kids to process a solid argument topic.

Whole Class Brainstorm: Claim Words

5 minutes

When students complete their research, as a class, we discuss possible claim words. I ask what are common claim words, or words that keep reappearing in multiple claims.

We brainstorm a list of Class Generated Notes: Words Commonly Found in Claims.

 I leave this list on the board so students can have this scaffold before writing their claims.

Partner Work: Claim Discussion

15 minutes

For this next informal activity, I ask students to choose a partner. Then they can go anywhere in the room, bring their research notes, and begin to craft their claims. Once they have established an effective claim, using sophisticated word choice, they can find a sentence strip and write their claims neatly and decoratively on the strips.

Here, two students share their claims: Example #1 Argument Topic.

Here, another two students share their: Example #2 Argument Topic.

Create and Present Claim

15 minutes

When all students have completed writing their claims on sentence strips, kids bring their claims to the front of the room everyone shares their topics.

When this activity is finished, I hang all of the claims outside of my classroom to build excitement and curiosity. These claims become a focal point in the halls of my school. Kids and adults stop to read the claims, and often I hear debates springing up in the halls between students and staff, alike.

Here are some awesome argument topic examples:

1. Example #3 Argument Topic

2. Example #4 Argument Topic

3. Example #5 Argument Topic

 This day's main purpose is to build excitement about the unit and peek students curiosity about their classmates' arguments.