Introduction to Desmos

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SWBAT graph systems of equations and linear functions on an online graphing calculator.

Big Idea

Knowing how to use powerful computing tools and how to interpret the solutions they yield will go a long way both in and beyond this course.

About This Lesson

Today's lesson takes place in the computer lab.  Students will learn to use Desmos, which is an online graphing calculator. 

As they move through today's lesson, students will be working on problems from this Equivalent Line Segments handout, which was first assigned during yesterday's class, and everyone should be at least partially done with it.  They will move through a series of problems presented on today's agenda, which is hosted on my class Wordpress site.  Click here to see the lesson on Wordpress.

Here, I'm sharing this lesson in a series of video narratives.  You can start with this introduction and then move through each section of the lesson.  Please feel free to share your feedback, comments and questions, and thanks for looking!

Opener: How can you solve problems on a graph?

5 minutes

Problems #1-4: Navigating a Graph on Desmos

10 minutes

Problems #6-8: Finding and Interpreting an Intersection of Two Lines

10 minutes

Problems 9 to 11: Plotting Solutions to an Equation with Two Unknowns

10 minutes

Problem #12: Find the Line that Fits!

5 minutes


5 minutes