Now let's Demonstrate! Can I prove mastery of additive inverse on a number line?

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SWBAT demonstrate using a number line their mastery of additive inverse.

Big Idea

Allow students to show and prove they understand how to identify additive inverse by locating points on a number line.

Teacher Guided Notes

This lesson is an extension from the lesson on Determining a Situation When Opposite Quantities Make 0.  If you did not do that lesson, it is okay.  The student activity of this lesson is a good activity to assess if students understand how to demonstrate additive inverse using a number line.  There is a fun hands on activity that you will need a large scale number line created in advance.  Please search for my lesson on creating a large number line.  This should be large enough for students to take their socks off and walk on! Lot's of fun!

Bell Ringer

20 minutes

Allow students 20 minutes to complete their posters from the Determining When Situations Have Opposite Quantities lesson.  From my experience, this time frame should be sufficient in completing the posters.  You may have students who are already done.  For those students, hand them the student activity sheet from today's lesson.  Have them get started on this.  For students who do not complete during the 20 minutes, host a lunch bunch for students to complete today.  

Student Activity

15 minutes

Once students have completed their posters, hand them the student activity sheet to complete. Allow students roughly 10 minutes to complete the activity sheet.  You can choose to collect and use as a formative assessment, or have students place these in their Interactive Math Journals as a resource and go through the problems together.  Allowing students to work through these problems for 10 minutes on their own will allow them to practice MP 1, 2, and 6.  They may use their newly created resource (their poster) to help them grapple through the problems.  This will practice Mp 5.

If time permits, roll out your large number line.  Have students take off their shoes and have them demonstrate situations of additive inverse.  There are several examples online, you can create your own, or use your math text.  A great extension to connect the poster creation to this lesson would be for students to demonstrate their own situations on the number line.  The students would start on the large scale number line, read their situation, and "walk out" the situation.  If they end on zero, they have proven they understand how to demonstrate additive inverse.  Fun, and exciting lesson that students love. 


5 minutes

Summarize additive inverse.  Review absolute value, opposite quantities, and integers. No homework, or exit ticket for this lesson.