My Life as an Elf: Point of View

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SWBAT write a small narrative that expresses what their life might be like as an elf.

Big Idea

A fun Christmas activity to help practice writing a narrative through a different point of view. Students will get the chance to be creative and have some fun while writing.

Elf Stories

10 minutes

To set the stage I want the class to start thinking about elves. To do this I want to read the class some stories about elves. There are some good poems and short stories on the internet about elves. The one story I like to read at this time of year is the Shoemaker and the Elves by the Grimm Brothers

I use them to start talking about characteristics of elves and what they know about them. This is a fun discussion and the class has some very similar ideas. I tried to keep them more focused on the idea of Santa and elves and not those written in other science fiction stories. 



2 minutes

Now that we have a good thought process going and the excitement of elves is in the air, it is time to start their brainstorm as an elf. I ask them to take out their white boards and begin brainstorming what their life as an elf might be like. 

As they write, I prompt their thinking further with questions. I ask them to list what their job is, what they eat, when do they work and when do they rest, and other things like what they do when they take a break. I continue to have them write and work on their brainstorm. 

Tell Me as an Elf

2 minutes

With most of them having a good idea of what they want to write, I want to give everyone a chance to develop their thinking further. I want all of them to feel like they have a good place to start their writing. 

I ask the class to put their markers down and to help me out. I ask some of the same questions again, but instead of writing I want to hear what they wrote. 

Writing as the Elf

20 minutes

Now it is time to allow students the chance to take on the personality of an elf. I give them time to write and develop their thoughts. I walk around and help students with editing and revising. I do not form their ideas, but answer questions that they might need to help develop their ideas. 

As students finish I proofread and either collect their writing or ask for another copy. A few students finish early and so I have them decorate their writing paper.