A Good Conclusion

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Students will be able to write a conclusion with reworded claim, synthesis of evidence, and so what by adding a conclusion to their Past-Present-Future essay.

Big Idea

Why does this topic matter to the world? Writing good conclusions.

Do Now: Review of Essay Hooks

5 minutes

To start our day, we review our previous writing lesson on good introductions, specifically hooks. Hook methods, such as starting with a quote or question, can also work well as part of a concluding paragraph, so I want these techniques fresh in students' minds.

Students are able to [slowly] list the hook methods (quote, anecdote, analogy, definition, question, shocking statement or fact, paradox, imagery,etc.); since they are so slow, I assume the techniques are not quite clear in their minds and offer clarifying explanation as they come up with each new hook.

A Good Conclusion

10 minutes

I introduce conclusions as the reverse of introductions. Where introductions seek to connect to the reader first, then give the specific focus (claim) of the essay, the conclusions reiterates the focus and then widens out to a connection to the reader:

Add a Conclusion

30 minutes

Students' final task for their Past-Present-Future Essay rough drafts is to add a conclusion. They have the remainder of class to do so and to proofread their work before submission for feedback.