Operations with Fractions Review

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SWBAT review the algorithms for operations with fractions.

Big Idea

Students perform only one step!

Do Now

10 minutes

At this point, students have developed and applied the algorithms for the operations of fractions.  They've made and corrected their own and their classmate's mistakes.  I want them to reflect on these mistakes and assess whether they have learned from them.

Do Now

Name one common mistake for 2 of the operations with fractions. 

After 10 minutes, I will randomly select students to share their answers with the class.

Possible Answers from students:

Adding - "A student may forget to find a common denominator."

Subtracting - "If you need to borrow, someone may not borrow correctly from the whole number."

Multiplying - "When multiplying mixed numbers, you have to change to improper fractions first."

Dividing - "Students may forget to flip over the fraction."

As students share their answers, I will ask them to offer suggestions to avoid these common mistakes. 




Group Activity (Roundtable)

30 minutes

The purpose of this activity is for students to review the algorithms for the different operations with fractions.  It also serves as an opportunity to for students to understand and review other students' works.

It is important to explain the roundtable process to students to prevent any confusion during the activity.  You may even want to guide students through the first few steps.  Each student in the group will receive a different problem sheet (Operations with Fractions Roundtable).

Directions for Students:

In your groups of 4, you have each received a different problem.  In this activity you will each complete only one step of the problem.  To begin, each of you write your name next to Person 1 at the top of the sheet.  Look at the fractions problem given.  Read the directions for Person 1 in the first rectangle.  Follow the directions and complete that step only.  (I will give students 5 minutes to complete this step.  As they are working, I will circulate throughout the room to monitor their work.)

Next, pass your paper one person to the right.  You are now Person 2.  Write your name next to Person 2.  Look at the fraction problem given.  Before you complete the steps for Person 2 you must check the previous student's work.  If you agree with their work, write your initials on the line provided and continue on to your step.  If you don't agree with their work, then discuss the problem with that student and correct the mistake together. Then you can move on to the next step.  Continue rotating and working until you have completed the problems in your group.

The roundtable is intended for groups of four, since there are 4 problems and 4 steps for each problem.  It can be modified for groups less than 4, by removing a problem sheet and having students complete more than one step.

Activity Review

10 minutes

I will review the answers to each problem by asking various students from each group to share. Students should notice that even though they didn't complete the problem on their own, by working together and checking each other's work, they should have arrived at the correct answer.

Lesson Summary

5 minutes

I will review the lesson and activity to assess what students have learned from it and how they will use this knowledge in future work.


Were you able to recognize and correct each other’s mistakes?  How did you find their mistakes?  How will this help you prevent or catch mistakes you may make?