Preparation for the Summative Assessment of The Absolutely true Diary of a Part-Time Indian

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SWBAT determine the themes of the novel and analyze character development over the course of the text by engaging in a review activity.

Big Idea

After reading the novel it's time to review themes and characters in preparation for a final assessment.


10 minutes

I first explain to the students that today's lesson will be a little different in that they will be expected to show evidence of their learning by writing down answers to questions while I use a power point presentation for review of the characters and themes in the novel we just completed, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian.  I also explain that I will be asking them text dependent questions and  that they will be using their books to cite evidence of their answers as required in the common core standard RL.9-10.1.

Next I ask students to think of question they still have about a character or theme that we covered and discuss the question with their learning partner.  After a few minutes I ask a few students to share their question and the response they received from their partner.

An average of 20-30% of my students miss at least one class per week for a variety of reasons.  I want to make certain that all my students are receiving the essential to know information therefore spending a class for review is important and necessary.


Student Learning Activity

40 minutes

I begin the lesson with slides 1 and 2 of The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian powerpoint review which asks students to analyze the protagonist and why he has two names. Students write their answers, they share with a partner, and then I use the Cold Call strategy to randomly select students to answer the question.  By allowing students to write on their own and then conference with a peer, they will have more confidence in their response to be able to share with the class. When a correct answer is given I will ask another student to repeat it until I'm satisfied the whole class has the correct response.

This process continues with the rest of the power point, therefore, maintaining the lessons momentum and the student-focused powerpoint activity. As required by RL.9-10.1 standard, some slides require students to find supportive evidence in their books (i.e. slides 6 and 7). As required in standard W.9-10.4,  I also ask that the students' written responses are clear and coherent responses appropriate for the lesson's purpose of reviewing and checking for understanding.  Other slides include whole class discussion (SL.9-10.1) questions that I facilitate (i.e. slides 8 and 15).

Wrap Up

15 minutes


I ask students to think of 3 things they absolutely know about this novel's characters and/ or themes.  I then ask them to think about 2 things that they liked best about the novel and lastly 1 question they still might have before taking the summative test.  The last question we briefly discuss before ending the class. They hand in their written responses before leaving. Then, hopefully, they will feel confident about taking their summative assessment tomorrow.