Biographies: Editing Our Autobiographies

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SWBAT edit their autobiographies they started yesterday.

Big Idea

We will be "publishing" our autobiographies and giving the finished products to our families as a holiday gift. Today we are in the editing process on our way to publishing.



15 minutes

Today, I want to start out by having the students share some of the text features they have used in their autobiographies in order to inspire other students to use more in their own writing. So to begin, I will have those who would like to share some of the features they have included in their writing, come up and share.


Finish Rough Draft Writing and Peer Edit of Autobiographies

45 minutes

We started writing our autobiographies yesterday, HERE is the link to yesterday's lesson.  Most students were unable to finish the rough draft version yesterday so I will give them some time to finish today.  Once the students start finishing their rough drafts, I will pair them up with another student who is finished and they can begin the peer edit of the autobiographies.  In the past, especially when we were publishing the work, I would edit the work myself.  I now have two classes with 48 students and have found it next to impossible to keep up on all the correcting, editing, etc. So I have started having the students do a peer edit.  Are they perfect at it?  No, definitely not.  But I also think it teaches them some skills that they would not otherwise have a chance to develop if they were not given the opportunity of editing.  Not only has it saved me time, but I have found it to be beneficial for the students as well.  

For the peer edit, I will instruct the pair of students to find a comfortable place in the room.  I will remind them where the dictionaries are located should they need one.  They will then read carefully through their partner's story suggesting changes where they feel they may be necessary.  I will remind them to specifically look for correct spelling, punctuation, and capitalization.