Quiz 2 : Multiplication Word Multi-Step Problems: 1x2,1x3,1x4 digit and estimation

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SWBAT show what they know about solving multi step word problems

Big Idea

After a quick review warm up, students will write a quiz showing that they know how to take apart and solve multi-step word problems.

Warm Up: Quick Review to Get Ready

10 minutes

As I prepared this quiz for my students, I was thinking about the past word problem work they had done and the conversations we had about equations. I felt anxious that they weren't really understanding that equations should drive their solutions to word problems, so I developed a quick review for them and re-taught solving word problems by emphasizing the standard and developing the 4 steps they needed to achieve it. The Warm UP Review for Word Problems for Quiz 2 helped students refresh their minds and give them a chance to look over their notes as we worked through the review. We developed equations together on the whiteboard alongside the SB file and I answered questions about variables, underlining nouns for labels and the words that told them when it was necessary to estimate instead of finding the exact answer.


The Quiz

40 minutes


I handed out Quiz 2 Multiplication Multi-Step Word Problems Using 1 Digit Up to 4 digits and they set to work. We read directions aloud. The assessment includes a point for showing a method of organizing understanding of the word problem because they are not fluent enough yet in organizing it in their heads. That written evidence of their thinking is so important to me to see, so I can fully assess if they have mastered the standards. Even my above grade level students need this, especially with multi-step word problems. I also included points for equations with variables. And lastly, I wanted to see the transfer of understanding from the variable to the accuracy of the solution and the label.

There are two estimation problems and two exact answer problems. I expected them to read the language and interpret the problem correctly based on identification of the proper vocabulary used for estimation.