Unit Test: Sequences and Series

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This unit test includes a variety of response types and problem solving strategies.

Big Idea

Test Time!

Test Procedures

5 minutes

Test procedures for this assessment are the following:

  • No use of iPads or cell phones is permitted
  • No notes, books, or other resources
  • Scrap paper is permitted, and must be attached to the test
  • For partial credit, work must be shown


40 minutes
Unit Test.docx page 1
Unit Test.docx page 2
Unit Test.docx page 3

Grading and Meetings

1 minutes

After giving the test back to the students, I always allow for them to sign up for a time to come meet with me before or after school to talk about their test.  This is a great time to coach the students through their mistakes, as well as celebrate their successes on the test.  Although not EVERY student takes advantage of this time, it is a great way to continue to build positive relationships with the kids and show them that you are there to support them.