Independent Analysis of Theme: Night, Chapters 3 & 4 (1 of 2)

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SWBAT independently read a complex text and trace a theme throughout that text by creating a thematic folder.

Big Idea

How does the theme of a text evolve from beginning to end?

Warm Up/Mini Lesson

15 minutes

Students will now begin their independent study of chapters three-seven of Night.  For the next two class periods, I will be conferring with individual students while the rest of the class continues to quietly read/work.  To prepare students for this independent work, we will practice procedures for our warm up today. I will show the students this video which is a recorded conference. After we watch the video, we will record some workshop norms on the Smart Board.  

It has been a few days since we read Night. We took a break from the novel while we read a Robert Frost poem.  I want students to be able to transfer skills from one text to the other which is why I incorporate other texts while reading a novel.  

Student Work Time

15 minutes

During student work time, I am going to be conferencing with students.  My goal with the conferences today is to help students transcend from a basic understanding of the text to a complex understanding of the text (SL.9-10.1a).  I will be asking the students lots of questions.  I will also be looking closely at the text evidence notecards students are completing to make sure they are thoroughly explaining their connections between what the text says and how that connects to the theme.  In this previous lesson, we set the expectation for our thematic folders that students are working on today.   As students trace theme (RL.9-10.2) and cite text evidence to support that theme analysis (RL.9-10.1), they are recording their thinking on notecards and finding patterns in that text evidence.  


5 minutes

For closure today, students will update their individual goal sheets.  The students' goal sheets are kept in their binders.  We refer to it numerous times throughout the semester.