Creating a Resume for a Main Character in The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

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SWBAT create a Bio Resume for a Main Character in The Absolutley True Diary of a Part-time Indian by using a template on

Big Idea

Using to illustrate an understanding of complex characters.


5 minutes

I want to check for prior knowledge by I begining this lesson with a life skill question: What is a resume?" and "What are the parts of a resume?" On a piece of paper students answer the questions by creating a list of all known parts of a resume.

To check for understanding I ask students to  share their answers with a partner and then I ask for a few students to share with the class.  

Buliding knowledge

20 minutes

Next, using my docucamera, I  teach by modeling how to fill in the parts of the Resume template using

I explain that one of the lesson's objectives is to demonstrate to me their understanding of how a complex character and themes develop over the course of the story including the character's traits RL.9-10.3 and RL.9-10.2.  I then pass out the Bio Resume direction sheet and review the instructions using a docucamera.  

To check for understanding I use the Cold Call strategy by asking basic comprehension questions such as: “What are the changes in the Bio Resume?” “How would you locate and download relevant information for the character’s resume?”  "What is a motto?"  "What are the sub-titles and changes made for the "Company Name?" etc..

Assigning a Character:

Using pop cycle sticks with a character's name on each one, each student picks a stick and a character for their Bio Resume.  I use this method because my students feel it's random and fair. If necessary I also let students switch a character with a peer.

Student learning Activity

40 minutes

Following the directions of the Bio Resume work sheet,  students work in pairs or individually to log onto filling out the resume template for their main character in The Absoulutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian using text based evidence (RL.9-10.1) and online character information.

I encourage some students to use their Character Maps that they filled out for the different characters in the novel.  While working on the project I circulate among students checking for understanding and keeping students focused on the task.

Wrap Up

10 minutes

I select a student's completed project to display on a screen asking the student to explain the information gathered and why they decided to use the information.

All completed bio resumes are printed, collected for my feedback and posted on the "student work" bulletin board.  Students can complete unfinished resumes for homework accessing the website form their home computer.  Those students who do not have a computer come after school to complete the project.