Biographies: Filming

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SWBAT participate in a group discussion on "Who Was Dr. Seuss?" Students will also create a video presentation of their biography reports.

Big Idea

Students will be participating in group discussions on chapters 6 & 7 in "Who Was Dr. Seuss?" We will also be filming video presentations of the biography reports the students wrote as a homework assignment earlier in this unit.


Creating Biography Report Videos and Group Discussions

60 minutes

Today we will be using iFunFace on the iPad to film our biography reports using our life size cut outs.  I have included an instruction sheet on how to create these videos as well as included a video of a student explaining how to create a video in iFunFace.  

This project requires recording the student's voice and must be done one on one so that the voice can be heard on the movie.  If you try to have several students working on this project at once, you will get background noise and it will sound terrible.  I will pull one student at a time out into the hall to record.  

While we are recording, The students will be working on chapters 6 and 7 in "Who was Dr. Seuss?"  I will divide the students up into groups and assign each person in that group a job. These roles and responsibilities are outlined in the resources.  They will continue filling in the note sheets that we have been working on this unit.  I will pass out sticky notes for the kids to use as they read.  I will challenge the students to come up with one question that they have after reading the text.  The question could be about content, an unknown word, or something they want to learn more about. 

After students have read the assigned chapters, I will have them discuss the questions as a group, which are found in the resources section.

Wrap Up

10 minutes

To summarize what each group found, I will have each group spokesperson talk about the most important things their group discussed today.  They can share what they learned, a question that was left unanswered, summarize what was read today in the text, or touch on the notes they chose to take.  I will let the groups have a couple of minutes to discuss what they would like their spokesman to share and then we will have each group share with the class through their spokesman.