Biographies: The Characters are Coming to Life!

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SWBAT summarize the biography "Who Was Dr. Seuss?" Students will also finish creating their life-size character cut-outs.

Big Idea

We will be reading and discussing chapter 4 and 5 in "Who was Dr. Seuss?" We will talk about the main idea, and summarize the story so far. We will also finish up our biography character creations.


Who was Dr. Seuss? Chapters 4 and 5

20 minutes

We have been working on the story,"Who Was Dr. Seuss." for this biography unit.  Today we are focusing on chapters 4 and 5.  We will read together as a class and continue taking notes on our note sheet that is included in the resources.  I like to call on students at random as we read so that they pay attention better and follow along.  Not that you don't still have the occasional student not knowing where we are in the book when you call on him to read.  It just seems to improve the ratio of students following along.  

These chapters talk about Dr. Seuss's first books as an author/illustrator.  Together as a class, we will talk about the main idea of two chapters and discuss how it is supported by key details. I will then have the students summarize the text that we have read to this point by writing a short summary in their reading response notebooks.  (We have a spiral bound notebook that is solely dedicated to wring about the literature we read in class.)

To Think That I Saw it on Mulberry Street

10 minutes

In today's reading of "Who Was Dr. Seuss?" we will read about Dr. Seuss's first children's books.  His very first book was "And to Think That I Saw it on Mulberry Street."  We are going to read the story together as a class from this YouTube version:

After reading the story, I will ask the students the following questions:

Can you tell this was Dr. Seuss's first story?

Was this book different than the other Dr. Seuss stories you have read?  If so how?

What would have happened if Dr. Seuss had given up after submitting the story to several publishers and being rejected?

Biography Character Completion

30 minutes

Yesterday we began a life-size character representation project.  The students have written a biography report on a famous person.  Yesterday I had the students trace each others bodies onto a large piece of butcher paper.  Today the students will make those outlines look like the character from their biography report.  These characters will serve two purposes.  The first is that we will use these characters in our video presentations of our biography reports.  The second is that we will hang these characters out in the hallway for friends and family to see.

The students will use colored pencils or crayons to decorate their cut-outs to look like the characters in the biography books they read.  We are going to go outside again since the weather is cooperating with us this week.  It would also work to use the gym.