Teaching With Tablets

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SWBAT develop an understanding of how computer tablets are transforming education in Africa.

Big Idea

Students learn how computer tablets are powerful tools in transforming education in Africa.


1 minutes

Introduction - Without an Education

4 minutes

I begin the lesson by explaining to my students that we have free public education here in America, but education is not free everywhere in the world.  For example, in some parts of Africa, children do not have schools like we do, but an organization called One Laptop per Child (OLPC) seeks to change that.  OLPC is finding new ways for kids in Africa to receive an education with the help of computer technology.

Quick Learners Using Powerful Tools

30 minutes

Next, we read the Scholastic News article, "Teaching with Tablets" by Samantha McCann.  The article tells of a remote village in Ethiopia which has no electricity where children are using solar powered computer tablets to learn English and other things.  We use a Powerpoint presentation (see attachment) to discuss text-based questions.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

15 minutes

After reading and discussing the Scholastic News article, I have students complete a picture walk of photos in the article.  They tell what they see in the images and how those images connect to the text.  Through the use of photos as text features, my students can actually see the impact the computer tablets have on children in the village.


10 minutes

To close the lesson, students share their thoughts on what they saw in the photos and how it connects with the text. I used the "Picture This" activity because I believe it's important for students to connect the visual images they see in written articles in order to gain more information and get a clearer picture of what is being said in the printed text.