Creating a GoAnimate video about student dress codes.

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SWBAT use to create a video about student dress codes.

Big Idea

Students create videos about student dress codes using


1 minutes


4 minutes

My students have had two days of instruction relative to the dress code debate.  Now, with this lesson, they are given the opportunity to create their own animated story of a dress code debate through the computer program  (Click here to play a tutorial on how to make a GoAnimate video using a template.)

Creation of GoAnimate Videos

40 minutes

I instructed my students to work in pairs to create a written conversation between two GoAnimate characters using the video templates.  Students are to work with a partner to first write out two characters' dialogue related to the dress code debate. Afterwards, they are to log onto GoAnimate and select a theme with a template option, select a scene, select characters, and type the text.  (Click here to play a video on how to make a GoAnimate video using a template.)

Sharing of GoAnimate Videos

10 minutes

Now, it's time to share our GoAnimate videos!  I thought it was important for students to share their GoAnimate videos in order that they could see the creativity of their classmates and reinforce the content knowledge.  (Click here to a student work sample of a GoAnimate video on the dress code debate.)


5 minutes

I used this activity as the culminating writing activity to assess whether my students really gained an understanding of both sides of the issue of the dress code debate.  To close the lesson, I took a poll of students to see, after our discussions pertaining to the debate, how many of them were in favor of a dress code and how many opposed having a dress code.  The majority of students were opposed to having a dress code.  They cited liking to express themselves through their clothing as the primary reason.