Persuasive Techniques

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SWBAT differentiate and explain the use of persuasive techniques.

Big Idea

Basic persuasive techniques used by advertisers.


10 minutes

Prompt:  Explain how advertisers appeal to consumers?

Students responded to this prompt to help them begin noticing ways in which advertising    inadvertently affects them.  After they finish, they shared their thoughts within a small group.

Persuasive Techniques

35 minutes

Prior to reviewing the Persuasive Techniques power point, I passed out a Persuasive Technique reference sheet for students to glue in their notebooks.  This sheet included the basic information to which students added other details that they felt important for their understanding of Persuasive Techniques as we progressed through the presentation (i.e. Examples, other clarifying information).

Using the power point as a focus upon terminology, I introduced information which addressed the following:

-  Relationship of propaganda to advertising

-  Bandwagon – definition, current examples and WWI examples

-  Avant – Garde – definition, example

-  Testimonial – definition, current examples and WWI example

-  Facts and Figures – definition, examples

-  Transfer – definition, current examples and WWI examples

Students were interactive in noticing the persuasive techniques used in the ads and their effect upon the audience.  They also associated other ads with which they were familiar to the specific techniques.


5 minutes

Each person turned  to their partner and explained about one type of persuasive technique.  The other partner then did the same.