Unit 2 District ELA Assessment: Maintaining a Testing Environment

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SWBAT read and answer comprehension questions in the ELA 9 Unit 2 Assessment

Big Idea

Supporting Students to Succeed on the Unit 2 Summative Assessment


5 minutes

This Unit 2 Assessment is designed by our school district to provide teachers with data regarding mastery of the ELA standards for  Fiction.  As an activator I asked students to think of the components in writing a well written Open Response and see themselves focused and confident in taking this test.

Common Core Standards:

In Greek mythology there is a story about Demeter, the goddess of the harvest, and Persephone, her daughter. Unit 2 assessment includes a painting, Demeter, and poem in which students are asked to compare and contrast.  I ask my students to think about the two lessons in which we looked at paintings and photos and described what we saw (Ecphrasis) which addressed the standard RL.9-10.7 analyzing the representation of a subject in two different artistic mediums. The short story in this assessment, Love in L.A, by Dagberto Gilb, is about a very complex character who 
demonstrates a variety of motives and feelings throughout the text and addresses standard RL.9-10.3.  Students are also asked to write clear and coherent writing responses to comprehension questions which is a requirement of standard CCRA.W.4

Student Learning Activity

65 minutes

Students are asked to sit in rows and begin taking the test.  I offer a P.E.E. graphic organizer and Venn Diagram to any student who feels it would help them organize thinking.

Maintaining a Testing Environment

I have highly distractable students so it's important that I be prepared for things that may distract them during the test.  I design a proper testing environment in my classroom so that my students will be able to focus on the test and I will be able to monitor them during the test administration. 

I arrange your classroom desks specifically for the test. I go back to the traditional idea of classroom arrangement and put the desks in rows during a test therefore doing my best to ensure that all students have a quiet work environment in which to complete their test.

Eliminating talking and other distractions during a test is the goal but as you see in my resource video,  it takes ongoing monitoring and redirecting to maintain the environment necessary for all students to concentrate and stay on task.  If necessary I will change the environment so a student can focus on the assessment.


Wrap Up

5 minutes

For a wrap up I ask students two questions:

  1. Was looking at and scoring other students open response answers helpful when taking the assessment?
  2. Did the lessons on Ecphrasis help  answer the questions on the assessment?