Informational Writing: How to Revise and Edit Arguments

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SWBAT develop and strengthen their writing by revising and editing their compare and contrast essays .

Big Idea

You or Me: Whose helping to polish My writing?

Lesson Introduction

What is different between revising and editing? Students may be learning for the first time that revising and editing are processes done individually. It is important that students learn how to revise their own writings while offering suggestions from their peers on how to improve their ideas. This lesson not only allows students to review thier own writing but make improvements to the writing of others.

Warm-Up: Editing vs. Revising

10 minutes

To begin this lesson, students work independenlty to answer the following question

What does the word "editing" and "revising" have in common?

My hope is that students understand that both words deal with the process of altering or modifying a written document. Students will start off by thinking about the commonalities of these two words. Then they will share with thier shoulder buddy the responses placed on thier papers.

Guided Practice: Learning from a Video Clip

7 minutes

For a long time, I never knew the main difference between revising and editing. This video gives great information on how students can revise and edit thier own essays. Although I have my own revising checklist that students will use to edit and revise thier essays, we will spend this time looking at what to do during the editing and revising stage of the writing process.

Because I have created the criteria students will use with thier essays, we only watch the clip of 30 seconds to 1:30. If criterion has not been establish for revising/editing essays, then one is provided in the remaining portion of the video. 

Independent Practice: Revise My Essay

30 minutes

To end class, students will partner up with another student to revise and edit essays. Every student will start by revising thier own essay. A checklist (front & back) is given to students to guide them through this process independently. Then students pick two different peers to read and comment (sample edits) on thier essay. Again students can reference the revision checklist to guide them through this process. At the end of each essay are signatures (sample edits 2) of the peers who revised the paper. To end this time in class, students will get their original papers back to finish the revisions (sample edits 3) on thier essays.

The revising/editing checklist gives very explicit instructions on how students can make improvements in thier writing. While it is a tedious task, the activity emphasizes the importance of ensuring that changes made to any essay are strategic and necessary.